Rogue Level

The Rogue level is located between levels 15 and 18 of the Dungeons of Doom.

The Rogue level is eligible to leave bones files, and may contain the Quest portal.

This level is an homage to NetHack's ancestor, rogue(6); like the levels in rogue, its layout is a 3*3 grid, each space of which can contain either a room or a corridor node. There are no doors, but there may be secret doorways; each room is either lit or unlit.

Monsters randomly generated on this level will all be chosen only from those represented by upper case letters. No corpses will be left by monsters dying on this level.

There is a fake "bones pile", guarded by a ghost named (with equal chances) after one of the three primary authors and developers of rogue (Michael Toy, Kenneth Arnold, Glenn Wichman); this pile contains:

Each of these items except the food and the amulet has a 75% chance of being cursed.

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