The Quest

This is a downward-extending branch consisting of 5 or 6 levels; it is reached by a magic portal in the Dungeons of Doom, 6 or 7 levels below the Oracle level (and therefore between DL 11 and DL 16).

The following special levels are found in this branch:

Quest home(Top level)
Quest locate(3rd level)
Quest goal(Bottom level, 5th or 6th)

The locate and non-special levels are eligible to leave bones; the home and goal levels are not.

Each character class has its own Quest, with its own layout of levels and its own characteristic monsters. For specific details of each, see the individual entries below:

However, all Quests have certain things in common. The Dungeons level with the portal will be signalled by a telepathic message from your Quest Leader. Proceeding from the home level to the second level requires you to be at least XL 14, of pious alignment, have the same alignment (unmasked by a helm of opposite alignment) as you started with, and to have received permission from your Quest Leader (which cannot be obtained unless you meet the prior criteria). The Quest Nemesis on the goal level will be carrying the Bell of Opening, and the Quest Artifact will be generated on the same square; returning with the Artifact to your Leader will get it identified.

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