Plane of Air

This is the second of the five Elemental Planes, reached by a magic portal from the Plane of Earth.

The Plane of Air is ineligible to leave bones files. The entire level is no-teleport.


                       CCCCCC        CCCC                                   
                     CC  CCCCC      CCCCCC                                  
                     CC CCCCCCC     CCCCC                                   
                      CCCCCCCCCC     CCCC                                   
                        CCCC   CC   CCCC                                    
                         CCCC      CC                                       
                       CCCCCCC    CC CCCCCC                                 
                      CCCC       CC C  CCCCC                                
                                CC  CCCCCCCCC                               
                                C  CCCC   CCCCCC                            
                              C C CCCCC   CCCCCCC                           
                             C  CCCCCCC    CCCCCCC                          
                              C CCCCCCCC   CCCCCCCC                         
                               CCCCCCCCCC  CCCCCCCC                         
                             C CCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCCC                          
                             C  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC                            
                              C  CCCCCC   CCCCC                             
                            C      CC      CCCC                             

The dark areas in the map above are empty air. Movement on the Plane of Air without either levitation or flying is hard; there is a 3/4 chance of failing to move, with equal chances of exercising dexterity, abusing it, or neither. Every turn, there is a 1/8 chance of lightning strikes.

The level contains eleven air elementals, three floating eyes, three yellow lights, a couatl, three djinn, nine fog clouds, five energy vortices, five steam vortices, two jabberwocks, five random dragons, and three random E, all placed randomly. You arrive at a random place on the left side of the level; the magic portal to the Plane of Fire is randomly located on the far right of the level.

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