Nethack-records is a script that lets users view statistics from a nethack logfile. The nice thing about this software is that it is template-driven and should be easy to install.

Features include:

Future enhancements include:

You can also view the [development plan] for a more full list. A [demo] of Nethack-Records is also available. Okey, it's not a demo, but a working site at our own nethack-server.You can also [view the beta] in action


Current stable version is: 0.5.0

Current development version is: 0.5.1

Projected time to release: Christmas

View project on GitHub for download links


28.07.2015: Project moved to GitHub

05.06.2007: Beta-version released. Expect 0.5.1 soon with a new fresh look.

08.09.2004: Nethack-Records 0.5.0 is AVAILABLE!!

28.02.2004: Development on Nethack-Records 0.5 has begun

20.02.2004: Talks about self-hosting the repository. is unstable at times.

01.02.2004: Development on an applet for viewing recorded games has begun

30.01.2004: Nethack-Records 0.4.5 released. Logo